The Posturefit difference

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The Posturefit difference

Many people who come into the Posturefit studio have a similar story: they’re in pain and they feel like they’ve tried just about everything to get better. They’ve been to the masseuse, the physio, the chiropractor, the acupuncturist, the musculoskeletal specialist and even, in some instances, the surgeons – yet still, they can’t quite get on top of their pain or discomfort, long term.

Does that sound familiar?

All of these specialists are great at their particular area of expertise and help a lot. At Posturefit we work in collaboration with many amazing practitioners to help us get our desired result. Alongside passive treatment, it is essential to re-educate with skilled and active posture correction exercises, so new positions have the ability to hold.

Just like when you are building a home, you call on a range of experts – the electrician, the plumber, the blocklayer – but without someone overseeing and managing the whole project and putting their parts into context, the work these people do just won’t get the best result. Imagine the result if you tried to build your house using only an electrician, for example!

Your body is no different. While the knowledge of other practitioners does support acute injury or pain and this is an essential part of getting your body into good structural shape, it’s likely they are not the right people to help you rebuild your body over the long-term – that’s where we come in.

Our role is to correct the structure through skilled exercise. We aim to normalise fascial tissue through myofascial stretching, global postural stretching and ELDOA (spinal decompression postures) and in doing that, we connect, strengthen and give space to the whole body. After all, you can train and attempt to rehab an isolated injury all you like, but until you correct the imbalances occurring in the body overall, it’s likely that pain and injury will re-occur or continue, or pop up somewhere else. 

Our approach is an ordered process that works over time to re-educate the neural pathways in the mind and strengthen the body and bring awareness back to where everything belongs – for the long term. 

This begins by first measuring the body to find out what’s going on – all the twists, imbalances and movement patterns that could be causing you trouble. Getting your body better is then a learning process – starting with awareness and proprioception. Through small yet precise movements you’ll learn how to move and where your body is in space. From there, we focus on myofascial and global postural stretching to normalise tissue – think of this like pulling on the corners of a bedsheet to pull out any of the crinkles. Powerful ELDOA techniques (spinal decompression) are used to strengthen and decompress the spine and joints.

This really is where our work is different from other practitioners. Essentially, we are teaching you to reorganise and tidy the internal support of your body, strengthening you from the inside out

We then focus on blending in human movement and functional strength training patterns. These  movement patterns are crucial to retrain the slings in the body and fix the rotations that give your body equal tension.

Our approach is all about opening and creating space and awareness around joints, and creating that internal support and stability. Of course, everyone who comes to us has their unique challenges, so all training programmes are personalised and completely tailored to what your body needs. You can liken it to learning a language – we all have different skill levels, different goals and a different commitment to training. Some are just looking for the basics to get by, while others need a deeper level of learning. We have clients who come to us to correct posture after years stuck at a desk, while many others are high-performance athletes who want to completely optimise their physical strength.

So, are you experiencing pain or want to perform better? Do you feel like you have tried just about everything, spending loads of time and money seeing different practitioners only to notice no difference in results? Then our highly specialised approach with its blend of leading-edge techniques could be the training that will finally help change your body, for good.

Get in touch to find out more and book your postural and orthopedic assessment.


The Posturefit Studio is a hub of experienced, highly specialised practitioners, including C.H.E.K (Corrective High-performance Exercise Kinesiologists) and C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coaches, Certified ELDOA, and Myofascial stretching, Soma training, functional range conditioning (FRC), kin stretch structural integration, and MyoFascial therapists.

Unlike other training studios that focus on how things look on the outside, we focus on correcting the inner workings of the body first. In doing so, we help you overcome on-going injuries, chronic pain, and low energy and ensure you instead find freedom in your body so you can achieve your full physical and functional potential

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