Posture Correction and Myofascial Stretching

Posturefit is a leading New Zealand training studio postural correction and performance, offering highly specialised training programmes and modalities – such as Eldoa (Spinal Decompression), Myofascial stretching, FRC, Kinstretch and CHEK

Posture Assessment

Posture and Myofascial Stretching

Whether you’re experiencing pain or want to improve your physical performance, strength and wellbeing, optimal health starts with a strong, aligned posture.

Using a range of specialised techniques, our focus is on assessing and correcting physical imbalances, so you can transform the way you feel and perform both physically and mentally.

Our Approach

What makes us different to other training providers is that we start by treating the cause of your pain or discomfort, not the symptoms. To do this, we use a blend of specialist fascia-focused modalities, including C.H.E.K (Corrective High performance Exercise Kinesiology) and C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, ELDOA, Myofascial stretching, functional range conditioning and structural integration. Our approach helps you improve flexibility, increase physical resilience, improve your posture and decompress your spine

In our fully-equipped studio, we offer group classes as well as entirely personalised assessments and training programmes that will get your body back in balance, pain-free and performing at its best.

Group Classes

Improve your posture, rehab an injury, experience greater ease of movement and decompress your spine. Join our weekly group classes and discover the difference that structural correction can make to your performance, wellbeing and physical resilience.

The Posturefit Team

Posturefit is led by Michelle Owen, New Zealand’s most knowledgeable structural and postural health expert. With over 30 years of industry experience, she has highly qualified practical skills and a wealth of intuitive knowledge and wisdom.

Postural &

Start your journey back to balance with an individualized C.H.E.K postural and orthopedic assessment. Following a series of tests, we’ll have a detailed understanding of what your body specifically needs in order to achieve your optimal structural position.


Using a range of techniques, we will decompress your spine, level your pelvis, create space around compressed joints, stretch and normalise fascial chains, and strengthen muscles so you can maintain your new optimal position.


The C.H.E.K Institute was founded by Paul Chek, a world-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology, and holistic wellness. C.H.E.K Practitioners are specialists in corrective exercise kinesiology which will support you in achieving a strong and structurally correct posture.

Myofascial Stretching

Myofascial stretches put tension into the fascia that encase your muscles. This improves the quality of the fascia, giving you space and balance in the body while correcting structural imbalances and releasing the tension across joints that can lead to inflammation and pain.


Developed by world-renowned French osteopath, Guy Voyer, ELDOA is an exercise technique that creates tension in the connective tissue in the body (known as fascia). Through precise postures, we work to decompress the spine at any level, create space around any joint and re-balance your body.

Refund Policy:
If buying 10 sessions at our reduced block price refunds will not be given and you will have 12 months to use your sessions from starting date.