Group Classes at Posturefit

Improve flexibility, physical performance and resilience with highly specialised classes.

Brought to you by experienced coaches.

Our group stretch and strength classes are designed to help improve your posture, strength and muscle tone, decompress your spine and create more space and ease around your joints.

Who are our classes for?
Whether you need support through rehabilitation of an injury, want to off-set the physical impacts of a restrictive desk job, want to improve your athletic performance or you’re an ambitious individual who simply wants to experience greater ease of movement, you’ll benefit from the techniques used in our classes.

How do we work?

We have our own specialised approach, calling on ELDOA, myofascial stretching, Global Postural Stretching, Soma Training, Functional Range Conditioning and Kin Stretch techniques. Regular attendance at classes can help you:

Build strong postural muscles
Reduce strain on joints and spine
Align joints and ligaments
Boost mood and energy levels
Get relief from back, neck, and shoulder tension
Improve digestion and breathing
Improve circulation and immune health
Recover from sport and injury
Help disc herniations

Join us at the
Posturefit Studio.

Level 2, 10 New North Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland

Monday 5.30 pm (clients only)
Wednesday 5.30 pm
Saturday 8.00 am

Classes are $30 single class or $200 for 10 sessions.
(10 Sessions: classes must be used within 6 months of purchase)

Bookings are essential and spaces fill up fast.

Posturefit Group Classes