Leaky Gut Syndrome

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Digestion

Leaky Gut Syndrome is a very common health disorder, and one that is becoming more and more prevalent. It is a debilitating condition that often goes un-diagnosed by the mainstream medical profession. Yet it is a major cause of illness and, if left untreated, can become life threatening. Many people have leaky gut but do not realise until a lot of damage has been done!


Many things can cause our gut to become leaky including: – Alcohol – Stress – Processed foods – Pharmaceutical and recreational drugs – And food intolerance! When we are not looking after our bodies our whole digestive tract can become aggravated and inflamed. When this happens, the intestinal wall becomes dysfunctional and more porous than normal and this is when Leaky Gut Syndrome can occur. Being more open, bacteria, fungi, parasites, toxins, undigested protein, fat and waste normally not absorbed into the bloodstream in the healthy state, can leak through the more porous than usual gut wall. Simply put, big holes develop between the cells of the gut wall allowing bacteria, toxins and food to leak into the bloodstream.

What this does to us

When an inflamed intestinal tract allows the entry of undesired material to our bloodstream, our immune system is placed under extra and ongoing pressure to fight and detoxify these unwanted materials from our system. Any material crossing the intestinal lining is inspected by the immune system and it is here the immune system has to have its strongest support or barrier. If the gut or intestine is not healthy, the rest of the body can’t be healthy!leaky gut syndrome digestive tract

Typical signs and symptoms of LGS

– Bloating, gas, burping, reflux – Abdominal pain and or distension – Fatigue after eating – Constant hunger – Headaches – Sore joints and muscle pain – Raised temperature – Food allergies – Dysbiosis (imbalance of gut) Stress is also a major cause of LGS. While we can not always remove stress or stressful situations, if we are looking after the overall health of our body and mind using the 6 Life Principles we are able to minimise the impact of stress on our digestive tract. There is no one magic pill to cure leaky gut syndrome – to get well you need to eliminate all irritants so the gut wall has a real chance to heal. Some ways that you can start repairing and detoxifying your body for long-term health and energy include the following: – Use quality supplements to heal up the holes in the gut wall. – Replenish the good bacteria with high grade probiotics. – Eat nourishing, healing, and good quality foods. It is in the small and large intestine that all of the nutrients, water and salt needed to fuel or feed our metabolism enter our bodies. The small intestine does almost all nutrients absorption, performing processing of sugars, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The large intestine mainly absorbs water and salts from the remaining contents. These are the foundation of the fuel for our bodies if there is poor gut health them we will have poor nutrient uptake. LGS caused by the inflammation of the gut lining can be brought about by the some of the following: – Use of antibiotics – Environmental contaminants – Medications – Incomplete chewing and digestion of foods – Stress – Parasitic type infestations – Poor diet – i.e. high in refined foods, processed sugars and nutritional deficiencies – Alcohol and caffeine, which irritate the gut wall, this includes cokes (diet and regular), chocolate, coffee, – Chlorinated drinking water Leaky Gut Syndrome has also been linked with many issues, such as: Celiac Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Autism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Eczema, Dermatitis, Ulcerative Colitis.

Action points

The following points will greatly assist your body to reduce the chance of you suffering from LGS.

  1. Keep away from sugars, alcohol, coffee, dairy, refined carbohydrates and processed foods.
  2. Provide proper nutrition to the body by eating for your metabolic type and eating quality organic whole foods.
  3. Eat a mix of high quality proteins, vegetables, fruits and fats in each meal.
  4. Chewing foods to a liquid before swallowing is critical to helping digestion and maintaining a healthy intestine.
  5. Include quality Probiotics and other natural digestive enzymes to improve the digestive function and health.
  6. Drink only purified water and hydrate with the correct amount for our body weight, every 30kgs you need a litre and a cup.

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